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Kansas Tobacco Use Prevention Program

Meeting 2 - Information


May 17th - 18th, 2007

Preliminary Materials

  Bio Form (Word) (pdf)
  Photo Album (Word) (pdf)
  Photo Release Form (Word) (pdf)

Meeting 2 - Documents

  Agenda (Word) (pdf)
Meeting 1 Results
  Meeting 1 Notes (Word) (pdf)
  Meeting 1 Evaluation and Feedback Results (Word) (pdf)
Meeting 2 Materials
  Workgroup Photo Album Project Phase II (Word) (pdf)
  Pathways to Freedom (PDF)
  • Smokefree.gov - Materials for Smoking cessation, including the Pathways to Freedom document
  •   Kansas Legislative Wrap Up for Tobacco Control Advocates (Word) (pdf)
      Strategic Plan Elements Critical Issue Examples (Word) (pdf)
      Best Practices for Comprehensive Tobacco Control Programs (Powerpoint) (pdf)
      SMART Guidelines for Goal-Setting (Word) (pdf)
      Goal Examples (Word) (pdf)
      Goal Worksheet (Word) (pdf)
      Strategy Prioritization Matrix (Word) (pdf)
      Consensus Building Tips (Word) (pdf)
      Small Group Roles (Word) (pdf)
      Action Plan Worksheet (Word) (pdf)
      Examples of System Changes by State Planning Team (Word) (pdf)
      Day 1 Evaluation Form (Word) (pdf)
      Day 2 Evaluation Form (Word) (pdf)
    Meeting 2 Results
      Systems Change - Start, Stop, and Continue Activities (Word) (pdf)
      Specific Populations Other than Race and Ethnicity (Word) (pdf)
      Draft Critical Issues, Goals, and Strategies (Word) (pdf)
      Day One Evaluation (pdf)
      Day Two Evaluation (pdf)
      Specific Populations Represented by Workgroup Members (Word) (pdf)

    Meeting 2 - Resources

      Discussion Board (Link)

    As a county, we've made tremendous progress in tobacco education and disease prevention, but it's vital that we be able to do more.

    -Joan Smith, Riley County Health Department

    Important Documents
      -Agenda (Word)
      - Goal Worksheet (Word)
      - Action Plan Worksheet (Word)

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