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Kansas Tobacco Use Prevention Program

Workgroup Photo Album

WSU HEALTH organization student leaders.

WSU HEALTH organization

Great American Smokeout event in Topeka.

A church in Manhattan where no one smokes because of the culture.

The barn where the KSU Equestrian Team and other horse owner's board their horses.

This is the inside of the barn to the left. No one smokes here because of the fire hazard.

A no smoking sign that is posted on a pillar of a KSU Campus building.

The no smoking sign and a cigarette butt container that makes people violate the law.

A sign by a gas station in Southeast Kansas.  

A Christian Church sign
in Kansas.

Free Tobacco booth at a NASCAR event.

Tobacco Free booth at the same NASCAR event.

Quitline training at Fort Riley.

Quitline training at Fort Riley.

Quitline training at Fort Riley.

In Kansas, tobacco use is responsible for more than 4,000 deaths each year.

- Jon Hauxwell, M.D., Hays, Kansas

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