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Kansas Tobacco Use Prevention Program

Meeting 1 - Information


March 29th, 2007


Preliminary Materials

    Workgroup Call for Nominations Letter (pdf)
    Workgroup Nomination Form (pdf)

Meeting 1 - Documents

  Agenda (Word) (pdf)
Workgoup Forms
  Conflict of Interest Statement (Word) (pdf)
  Workgroup Member Responsibilities (Word) (pdf)
  Workgroup Chair Responsibilities (Word) (pdf)
  Workgroup Support Staff Responsibilities (Word) (pdf)
  Photo Release (Word) (pdf)
  Workgroup Ground Rules (Word) (pdf)
Presentations and Handouts
  Workgroup Process Overview (Powerpoint) (pdf)
  Overview of Tobacco Prevention for Specific Populations
Planning Initiative (Powerpoint)
  Tobacco 101 (Powerpoint) (pdf)
  Disparity Related to Tobacco Use (Powerpoint) (pdf)
  Healthy Kansans 2010 (Powerpoint) (pdf)
  Critical Issues Discussion Questions (Word) (pdf)
  Evaluation Form (Word) (pdf)
  Photo Album Project (Word) (pdf)
  National Tobacco Networks (Word) (pdf)
  Acronyms and Definitions (Word) (pdf)
Workgoup Member and Staff Information
  Workgoup Members (pdf)
  Workgroup Staff (pdf)
  Organizations (pdf)

Meeting 1 - Workgroup Member "Homework" Documents

  Bio Form (Word) (pdf)
  Photo Album Project (Word) (pdf)
  Photo Release Form (Word) (pdf)

In Kansas, tobacco use is responsible for more than 4,000 deaths each year.

- Jon Hauxwell, M.D., Hays, Kansas

Important Documents
  -Photo Album Project (Word)
  -Photo Release (Word)
  -Bio Form (Word)

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