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Kansas Tobacco Use Prevention Program

Meeting 2 - September 5th, 2007

Meeting 1 Results
  Goal Area Small Group Discussion Feedback Results (pdf)
  Meeting 1 Evaluation Results (pdf)
Results of Meeting 1 Assignments
  Output and Outcome Worksheet Results (pdf)
  Updated Kansas Tobacco-Related Data Resources (Word)
Meeting 2 Materials
  Agenda (Word)
  Invited Organizations (Word)
  Presentation: Results of Multi-State Scan Comprehensive Tobacco Program
Environmental Scan
- Kim Kimminau (Powerpoint)
(Handout Version)
  State Comprehensive Tobacco Program Evaluation Plans: A Multi-State Scan
- Kim Kimminau (Word)

Example State Evaluation Plans

    Arkansas Comprehensive Tobacco Control Program: Key Outcome Indicators (pdf)

Indiana Tobacco Control Strategic Plan: Indicator Tables document available upon request - contact Connie Satzler at or (785)-587-0151

  A Data and Evaluation Case Study: The Kansas Tobacco Quitline
- Becky Tuttle (Powerpoint)
(Handout Version)
  Logic Models for Goal Areas (pdf)
  Indicator Selection Worksheet (pdf)
  Evaluation Form (Word)
Meeting 2 Results
  Meeting 2 Evaluation Results (pdf)

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